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The Celtic Journey

The Journey The ancient Celt’s journey in Europe dates back to 800 BC and over the years, setup shop everywhere from Turkey and Ireland to Britain and Spain.

The Celt’s were a people described as whimsical, romantic, emotional and with great powers of imagination. They were also a spiritual people and many of their ancient symbols, the Triskelion, Shamrock, Tree of Life are still seen in our day to day lives and perceived to be positive symbols that have been revered for millennia. In fact, one of the Triskelion symbols that depicts the “motion of action” we have chosen as the symbol of our exclusive Turbo Boost Whirlpool system.

Another connotation, and the one that has inspired us the most is the three sided Triskelion, as a symbol of “spirit, mind, and body”, all things we believe can be enhanced while relaxing in your Celtic Hot Tub! From all us “would be Celt’s, we hope you’ll choose a Celtic Hot Tub and begin your Journey today!

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Relax-Celtic Hot Tubs

USA Made. Celtic Inspired

With over 10 decades of industry expertise, Celtic Hot Tubs is dedicated to providing the highest quality product with long-lasting performance and dependability; a durable product engineered with customer satisfaction in mind. Our spas come fully-loaded with many of the same features you see in a high-end luxury hot tub, but at a more affordable price. Every member of our team is dedicated to meeting high standards of customer service.



Ancient Celtic Symbology suggests that a three sided symbol illustrating motion also can relate to the concept of Spirit, Mind and Body. Our Turbo Boost Whirlpool System offers a passive therapy benefit from the rotating body of water within the hot tub. The alternative setting incorporates the full collection of the Triskelion jets that vary in size and style resulting in a targeted pin point therapy to the different muscle groups within your body.

Overall, the experience of simply soaking in crystal clear hot water, add-in the twist of a whirlpool, or the deep penetrating heat created by the jets and you’ll relate to the primary benefits of hydrotherapy and how they improve your Spirit, Mind and Body.

Triskelion Hydrotherapy System


With one of the industries state of the art electronic control systems the Celtic Hot Tub will start itself twice daily for a period of time you can easily select. During this filter cycle as we refer to it, the pump will operate at a quiet and low flow setting where it will run cost efficiently while it skims water both from the lower level of the tub and more importantly directly from the waters surface as it skims off any floating particulates that would otherwise form a water line.

Next all the water is sent through the exclusive Micro Skim filter and treated by the Celtic Clean Mineral cartridge. Earths natural minerals like silver and zinc for centuries have been known for their natural qualities to kill bacteria and help the clean water. Perhaps best of all, every Celtic Clean system includes a built in Ozone Generator, and a very special mixing chamber that allows the ozone to environmentally and safely breakdown to pure oxygen. Whenever the hot tub is running Celtic Clean is working as it oxidizes finite sized particles, kills bacteria and significantly reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine required.

Celtic Clean Water Management Diagram


Celtic Shield Interior


HDPE “high density polyethylene” plastic is a well proven material known for its outstanding streght, durability and longevity especially when used in outdoor settings.

Celtic Shield Exterior


Also made with HDPE, the Celtic Shield Exterior cabinets are built to be strong, and will survive even harsh outdoor elements while they remain colorfast!

Celtic Shield Cover


Designed to keep the heat in and the elements out, this cover is incased in high performance polyester similar to fabrics developed for outdoor furniture yet it is 70% lighter, 5x stronger and will never “cold crack” as marine grade vinyl products used for hot tub covers often do.

Celtic Shield Insulation


Your Celtic Hot Tub is designed to run as efficiently as possible! The backside of the shell and bottom frame are covered with a thick layer of “Black Knight”closed cell foam. Around the entire frame, we install a double-sided reflective heat wrap holding the heat in as well as the colder air out.

Celtic Hot Tubs
Celtic Shield of protection-hot-tub

Rest assured all these products are protected by the Celtic Shield Warranty.
10 Years Structure & Surface, 10 Years Cabinet, 3 Years Equipment, 3 Years Plumbing, and 3 Years Jets.


For years we have known about the emotional effects created from specific colors. How warm colors can spark emotions ranging from comfort and warmth and cool colors can create a sense of calmness. The benefits of Celtic Glow, our LED- colored lighting system, range from practical to emotional. Color lighting also adds a visually appealing dimension to the hot tub area. The changing colors can create a captivating and mesmerizing visual display making the hot tub an attractive focal point in your outdoor or indoor space. Since much of your time in the hot tub will be in the evening when the lighting is necessary to provide a safe night time environment, Celtic Glow is included in all standard Celtic Hot Tubs.

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Celtic Hot Tub in touch app


Access your hot tub anywhere in the world using the in.touch application. Wherever you are, you’re always in touch with your relaxation!

Celtic Hot Tub durable frame


A frame like no other 15-ply cross-laminated, full circumference interlocking frame. It will support all of the hot tub’s structural needs for decades. 2” dimensional lumber (as used to build your home) as well as high density foam are used to support and lock-in all of the structural components.

Celtic hot tub models-spas

Celtic Hot Tubs
Relax and Unwind in your Celtic Hot Tub!

Celtic Hot Tubs are made in the USA with the highest quality materials to provide long-lasting performance and dependability.

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